Internet Half Blind Dovetails

I’ve cut countless corners of through dovetails. For me it’s the fastest way to a square box. I also find the process enjoyable and often cut dovetails for no other reason than to occupy time. However I’ve never really cut half blind dovetails. I’ve done one or two in the distant past to test out some tools, but that’s the extent.

Here is my first cornerIMG_0608.JPG

Not completely awful, right? I was pretty happy with my efforts. I am not a naturally gifted woodworker. I have to fight tooth and nail for good results. What I lack in natural ability I make up for in patience (and scrap wood). I’ve found the internet to be really useful to fill the information void – and I don’t think I’d be half as successful without it.

If you are reading this, you are likely aware there are hundreds of online videos and articles related to cutting dovetails. I found these to be the most helpful and contributed to my minor success



I really need a pair of dividers

Courtesy of Megan Fitzpatrick . I like my pin spacing even. Megan’s video is still the best I’ve seen on laying out dovetails.

Chiseling Baselines

I didn’t chew these out with my teeth, I promise

This is a really good tip from Center for Furniture Craftsmanship instructor Tim Rousseau  as featured in this Lie-Nielsen video . I use a piece of scrap wood to lay out the baseline. Then I use that same scrap piece as a guide for my chisel with doing the final paring.


Squaring Up Baselines

This is very high on the “why didn’t I think of that!” list.

The router plane – perfect tool for the job. I may have to get another 3/16″ cutter and grind it to a spear point. I picked up this tip from Brendan Gaffney’s  always informative Instagram feed

I still have a bit of practice to do but overall I’m pretty pleased. And I’m thankful for all those who were here before me and documented their journey. It’s making mine tons easier. Looking forward to getting much better at these.

A little sawdust and glue, and these are good to go


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