My Drop in the Bucket

I write a lot of things. Sometimes at great length. But always in inappropriate places. Not contextually inappropriate,  but inappropriate in terms of permanence.

I’m an amateur woodworker and involved in a few online woodworking communities. I learn best by teaching. If I can grasp something good enough to explain it to someone else, that means I myself have a good handle on it. Some things practically; some things conceptually.   In any case my often times wordy replies are seen by a few for about 24 hours. Then they disappear into a barely searchable black hole. Very much like a casual conversation with a total stranger in real life.

Well, I’m going to try to change that by adding yet another blog to the hundreds already there. I get around a lot and as such I see a lot. Hopefully I have some interesting things to say. Why Pine Point Woodworking? Well, I’m from a neighborhood of Springfield MA called Pine Point and proud of it.

Feedback is always welcome – good and bad. I have very thick skin but I will warn that I do not entertain trolls or arguing with a keyboard. My standard policy in such situations is to block and ignore with no further acknowledgement.  With that said, here are a few of my favorite things



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